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My Costumes
I haven't done many complete costumes. This section is a place to show off makeup, and some little things I just threw together. It will also have my completed costumes, and a strange assortment of other random stuff. Enjoy!

Tugger got us tickets to a local theatre group called Shakespeare Santa Cruz.  The play was one of my favorites (Midsummer Night's Dream).  Tugger suggested that we go in we did.  I went as a Canadian styled Tantomile, and he as a German Plato. Sorry about the unevenness of the pics.  Tugger is a photographer, and I am rarely able to snatch the camera away to take a few pics of him!


Had Tugger over the other day, and we made our selves up.  I'll let you make up your own stories for this one.  These were taken very late, with barley any light.  That is why they are not of the best quality.
More coming......


Sadly Cats has been closed. *sniff*  I was lucky enough to win a Siamese costume off ebay. (I am now a poor kitten) Here I am {10/24/2K} I will make a head to go with it some day. I will have more and better pictures soon.

Here I am with my Siamese costume, and some makeup that I designed for my friend Pixie. Yes Brooke, that is my Katana. ; }

I caught the ball!

Wow, I actually look tall

After I was done with my Demeter makeup, I was surprised at how little time it took me to convert it into a Grizabella face. I am also wearing a boa and a white "fur" coat I found in one of my costume trunks. <click on the image to see a larger version>

Here are some pictures from when I went to the Santa Cruz County Fair in costume! I was WAY too hot, but I has a blast. I need to trim the ear flaps on my wig, they made it a funny shape....oh well.

Checking out the poultry barn is dangerous!

Me on a tractor

Me with one of the fair mascots on stilts.

Eeek! Me with my little brother. He was a great sport (for a ten year old) Thanks Kasey!

Here I am sitting in front of the "stage" of a really cool puppet show!

This is my sad attempt at getting into a scorpion.

We met up with some family friends. This is Margaret, she just turned 5. We ran out of film, and I am kicking myself. Right after Dad took this picture, she gave me a huge hug. Boy I wish I could have gotten that pic!

I like this pose, this is one of my favorite pictures from the fair trip.

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