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All my life I have loved to dress up. As a little girl, I thought that it was so fun to be able to pretend that I was someone that I was not. A princess, a millionaire, a ballerina, and a black cat... along with many other animals.
For my birthday last year, my Mom and Dad bought me the Cats video. I had never seen Cats, and I had never even heard of it. I was just finishing a ball gown that I started after seeing "the Phantom of the Opera" for the first time. (I wonder if they would have gotten me the video if they knew what they were starting!) Well, I took one look at the movie cover and said, "Oh my gosh, LOOK at those costumes!" And so it began. I was immediately in love with Mistoffelees the first time I saw him on the screen. I have been working on a Misto costume of my very own.
So don't be bashful, there are many cats out there that make their own costumes! I have seen some amazing work. Here are some of my ideas I thought I'd share. I am hoping to do many if not all of the costumes eventually! So prowl around and enjoy!

Okay, I am going to partially re-open this section. I will re-vamp and re-upload the other sections ASAP.
Places to go, things to see:
 My Costumes

 I have seen enough of this despicable display! I want to go home!